Bureau governance

Every Citizens Advice Bureau is at the heart of its local community, and this is reflected in the way it is managed.

Bureaux are local charities managed by a voluntary Board or committee of management. These bodies are made up of representatives of the local community with a variety of skills and experience. Bureau management committees and Boards have responsibilities that include:

  • Making sure the bureau complies with the 13 principles of the Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau Service
  • Maintaining the conditions of membership that allow bureaux to be part of the Scottish Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux
  • Overseeing the financial planning, budgeting and spending of the bureau, including fundraising
  • Helping develop the service offered by the bureau to the local community
  • Raising the profile of the bureau in the local community, especially to people who might not know what the bureau does and how it can help them

Do you think you could help your local Citizens Advice Bureau by joining the management committee? If so, contact your local bureau to let them know you're interested.