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Written evidence submitted by Citizens Advice Scotland (DMCCB47)

Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill

Citizens Advice Scotland has provided written evidence to the House of Commons Public Bill Committee in relation to the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill 

Citizens Advice Scotland welcomes many aspects as the bill currently stands: 

  • Welcome retention of prohibition of unfair commercial practices and rights associated with these, alongside specific action to tackle fake reviews and the ability for new unfair practices to be included more quickly.
  • Welcome increased/enhanced powers for the CMA in order to protect consumers, deter bad practice by organisations, and act quicker.
  • Welcome action on subscription traps which will benefit consumers. 
  • Welcome measures on redress and enforcement to attempt to address consumer harm and additional protections for Christmas/similar savings clubs.
  • Welcome moves towards mandatory accreditation of providers of consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to improve standards and transparency.

We highlight the need for the Public Bill Committee to take into consideration the transient nature of vulnerability and that consumer ADR should be free at the point of access to consumers, as charges would otherwise result in those who cannot afford them being excluded from these vital options to enforce their consumer rights.

Kyle Scott & Hyo Eun Shin
Publication date
July 2023
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