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Tapping into the Code - Recommendations for a new Code of Practice in the Scottish water market

Following a non-domestic water industry event in 2015, during which stakeholders recognised the need for an industry Code of Practice, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS) established an industry-led Working Group which was tasked with developing a Code for the licensed providers in the Scottish market. The CFU consider that the Code of Practice has the potential to deliver improved outcomes for non-domestic consumers – businesses, charities and public sector bodies in Scotland – in terms of service delivery and to act as a driver for greater protections for non-domestic consumers against poor practice.

The CFU hope that this research will provide valuable insight into the lessons learned from other Codes of Practice, and that the report will usefully inform other industries looking towards creating Codes of Practice on best practice examples in this area which sufficiently deliver better outcomes and protections for consumers.

Stephen Dunlop
Publication date
January 2018
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