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Response to Ofcom's consultation on Postal Regulation

CAS has responded to Ofcom's consultation on the regulatory framework for postal services for the next 5 years. 

We broadly agree with Ofcom’s proposed regulatory approach for the next five years, which is guided by three strategic aims to:

  • Ensure postal users have access to simple, affordable and reliable postal services that meet their needs;
  • Support a financially sustainable and efficient universal service; and
  • Support effective competition in postal services for the benefit of consumers.


While CAS agrees with these strategic aims in principle, we remain concerned that the proposed regulatory regime set out in this consultation may not always deliver these outcomes for Scottish consumers. As things stand, we have concerns that the USO is not resulting in positive outcomes for consumers, in relation to both affordability and reliability of postal services.


Madeleine Kennedy
Publication date
March 2022
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