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CAS Response to Ofgem self-disconnection and self-rationing consultation

CAS welcomes Ofgem’s proposals to improve outcomes for consumers who experience self-disconnection and self-rationing. We have identified a number of priorities:

  • The standardisation of friendly credit dates and hours, where technically feasible
  • Improvements to emergency credit provision, which maintains flexibility, but allows for the maintenance of supply in a reasonable worst case scenario
  • The removal of barriers to discretionary credit, which maintains protection from excessive debt, but enhances consumer choice
  • Improvements in how suppliers communicate with their prepayment customers, for e.g. as regards the seasonal accrual of standing charges
  • The formalisation of Ofgem’s Ability to Pay principles in the licence code
  • Utilisation of the full suite of smart functionality, for e.g. suppliers switching meters to credit mode to maintain supply
  • Viable alternatives to prepayment, for e.g. clarification on the future of Third Party Deductions for energy (Fuel Direct)
  • The extension of fuel voucher schemes (fuel credits)
Michael O'Brien
Publication date
September 2019
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