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CAS response to the consultation on Coronavirus (Recovery and Reform) (Scotland) Bill

Citizens Advice Scotland has responded to the consultation run by the Scottish Parliament's COVID-19 Recovery Committee

This consultation follows a consultation conducted by Scottish Government in November 2021. You can find CAS's response to that consultation here.  

The Scottish Government was given temporary, emergency powers to respond to COVID-19. These powers will expire unless new primary legislation is passed. The Scottish Government has introduced this Bill to make some of the temporary powers permanent and to extend others.  

The provisions in the Bill cover a wide range of policy areas. Scottish Parliament committees are therefore working together to scrutinise the Bill.  

The COVID-19 Recovery Committee is the lead policy committee scrutinising the Bill. Two other committees will scrutinise provisions in the Bill as secondary committees. The Criminal Justice Committee will consider the justice policy measures. The Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee will consider the eviction policy measures. The Education, Children and Young People Committee will also consider the measures relating to educational settings. 

Andrew Fraser
Publication date
February 2022
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