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Spotlight on: Money and debt

Around one in four of the issues brought to Scottish bureaux relate to debt. As well as working with clients in crisis debt situations, many Scottish bureaux undertake financial capability work, including delivering face to face Money Advice Sessions on behalf of the Money Advice Service. The Scottish CAB Service campaigns tirelessly for responsible lending and appropriate solutions for people whose debts have become unmanageable.

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  1. 11 Feb 2015

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has today welcomed steps by the Church of Scotland and others to set up credit unions as a low-interest alternative to payday loans and high street bank loans.

  2. 5 Sep 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomes a number of measures in the programme for government, announced by the First Minister in parliament today. 


  3. 19 Jul 2017

    Join CARF on Tuesday 25th July at 11am for a free webinar on Water Direct. Water Direct is a scheme applied by many local authorities across Scotland to collect water arrears and can cause significant financial detriment to vulnerable clients. The webinar is ideal if you want to increase your understanding of the scheme.


  1. Study on the affordability of water and sewerage charges based on low income households
    Rebecca Millar

    Publication date: June 2017

    The Consumer Futures Unit of Citizens Advice Scotland is inviting tenders for research into a Study on the affordability of water and sewerage charges based on low income households



  2. Scottish Parliament Local Government and Communities Communities Committee
    Rob Gowans

    Publication date: June 2017

    Though not the only driver of homelessness, the past five years have seen a large increase in the number of rent arrears issues dealt with by Scotland’s CAB network. CAS is commencing research to examine the causes and consequences of rent arrears for CAB clients, including those who become homeless as a result. This submission examines CAB data related to homelessness and rent arrears, as well as some of the causes of rent arrears that can lead to evictions and homelessness.

  3. A look at how people in Scotland feel about finances, credit and debt
    Linda Hutton

    Publication date: May 2017

    We asked people from across Scotland about their relationship with money, debt, credit, and planning for the future.

  4. A report to the Consumer Futures Unit of Citizens Advice Scotland
    Fraser of Allander Institute

    Publication date: April 2017

    This report examines recent changes in the cost of household water and sewerage charges in Scotland. It examines the position across all consumers, but focuses in particular on those on low incomes and examines in detail the issue of affordability for those in receipt of state benefits.

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