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Citizens advice bureaux are a key part of the wider landscape of publicly funded legal advice, helping clients with thousands of legal issues each year and resolving thousands of issues before they reach the legal stage. Bureaux operate nine in-court advice projects across the country and represent clients at thousands of tribunals and court cases each year. 


  1. 19 Oct 2016

    Author: Mark Patterson, CAS Policy Officer

    One of my earliest recollections of experiencing unfairness was playing Monopoly as a child with my brother.  When picking out our counters, I would always want to be the racing car - because what eight year old wants to be an old leather boot?  My brother however, without exception, would claim the racing car as his own.  When I would try to protest, he would remind me that he was the older brother.  He got first choice.

  2. 7 Sep 2016

    Scheme to have a will drawn up by a solicitor in exchange for a donation to charity.

  3. 15 Aug 2016

    HND Legal Services students from the New College Lanarkshire: Motherwell Campus have developed a legal guide for refugees, as part of a project in collaboration with the Crown Office’s Project Safe.


  1. Independent Strategic Review of Legal Aid in Scotland
    Mark Patterson

    Publication date: June 2017

    The Independent Strategic Review Group was established by the Scottish Government in February 2017

    To consider the legal aid system in 21st century Scotland and how best to respond to the changing justice, social, economic, business and technological landscape within which a modern and flexible legal aid system should operate.

  2. Consultation response from Citizens Advice Scotland
    Mark Patterson

    Publication date: March 2017

     At the start of 2017 the Ministry of Justice published a consultation: review of the introduction of fees in the Employment Tribunals, available to download here.

  3. Consultation response from Citizens Advice Scotland
    Mark Patterson

    Publication date: March 2017

    At the end of 2016 the Ministry of Justice and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) published a consultation, Reforming the Employment Tribunal system, available to download here.

  4. Consultation Response from Citizens Advice Scotland
    Mark Patterson

    Publication date: December 2016

    As a general improvement to diligences CAS would like to see a set of pre-action requirements introduced into the process for public sector creditors to show that all reasonable attempts have been made to come to an arrangement prior to taking recovery action, and to ensure that diligence is used as a last resort.

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