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  1. 19 Nov 2014

    Dear All,

    As part of our ongoing rural deliveries campaign, Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) is undertaking a second review of the practices of online retailers who deliver in Scotland. We are attempting to determine whether online retailers have improved their practices since the last review and the launch of the Statement of Principles for parcel deliveries.

  2. 18 Nov 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) is seeking tenders from all interested parties to undertake a review of the Customer Forum for Water. The Customer Forum was established in 2011 to give customers a say in the process of setting water charges in Scotland. The lifespan of the current Customer Forum is due to come to an end in early 2015, and CAS and our partners are committed to undertake a review of the Forum.

  3. 17 Nov 2014

    In an opinion piece which originally appeared in The Scotland on Sunday, CAS Chief Executive Margaret Lynch set out CAS's position on the timetable for the devolution of welfare:

    IT IS said that unreasonable haste is the direct road to error, and one can’t help but wonder if the timetable set for the Smith Commission is entirely sensible given the complexity of issues it has to consider and the avalanche of responses from civil society organisations around Scotland.

  4. 14 Nov 2014

    As Ofgem launches a formal investigation into Scottish Power’s customer service and complaint handling, Citizens Advice Scotland is highlighting figures showing complaints about the supplier doubling since the start of this year.

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