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Spotlight on: Consumer Futures Unit


  1. 18 Jan 2017

    The CFU has published a research report, SMEs awareness and experience of the water market in Scotland, prepared for the CFU by BMG Research.

    The Research report focused on areas such as SMEs awareness of competition in the market, and their experience of switching between licensed providers. it also considered ways in which the market could be improved.

  2. 8 Dec 2016

    A new information leaflet targeting new businesses has been published to set out how they can benefit from the water market in Scotland. The leaflet clearly explains what businesses can be charged for, and how they can switch provider.

  3. 7 Dec 2016

    The Consumer Futures Unit is holding a Rural Futures conference on Wednesday 1st February 2017 at the Hilton Grosvenor Hotel in central Edinburgh.


  1. Research into Scottish rural consumers’ experience of parcel delivery for online shopping

    Publication date: January 2017

  2. New businesses and the non-domestic water market

    Publication date: December 2016

    The CFU's Water Team has worked in partnership with the Water Industry Commission for Scotland, Business Gateway, Scottish Water and the Federation of Small Businesses to develop an information leaflet for new businesses about the non-domestic water market in Scotland.

    The leaflet will help to improve outcomes for business consumers in non-domestic water market in Scotland. It is hoped that the leaflet, by targeting new businesses, will alert them to the wide range of options available, and to ensure customers get the best deals. the leaflet will be available from the Business Gateway advice network, as well as through other networks in the non-domestic water market.

  3. Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Scotland annual report for 2015-16

    Publication date: June 2016

    This report looks back to describe the work Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) carried out to represent consumers in 2015-16. This was a year of laying foundations, as our organisations developed our roles representing consumers in the energy and postal markets in England, Wales and Scotland, and in the energy, postal and water markets in Scotland.

  4. Delivering energy efficiency to rural, off-gas Scotland

    Publication date: June 2016

    Mains gas is the cheapest way to heat a home but 23% of Scottish households rely on more expensive fuel types, such as bottled gas or electricity, to heat their property. Many off-gas households are located in rural areas and are vulnerable to fuel poverty owing to a number of additional factors, such as a greater prevalence of colder properties which are harder to treat with energy efficiency measures. 

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