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Work and Pensions Committee Benefit Delivery Consultation

CAS Response

Poor administration of benefits can leave some of the most vulnerable people in society without any money to live on for weeks at a time. CAS has extensive case evidence which suggests that a gap in benefits has a detrimental effect on both physical and mental health, and can lead to crisis situations such as homelessness and unmanageable debt. The Scottish CAB Service has seen a dramatic rise in the number of clients in crisis having to access charitable support such as food banks. 

This response covers some of the most significant areas where benefit delivery could be improved:

1.    Processing Issues

  • Delays
  • Lost mail
  • Errors

2.    Communication issues

  • Long waits on the phone and access to phones
  • Benefits being stopped with no explanation
  • Contradictory information given to claimants
  • Content of letters

3. Impact on clients

  • Vulnerable clients
  • Disproportionate impact on rural and remote areas
Rhiannon Sims
Publication date
September 2015
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