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Welfare and Constitutional Reform: Expert Working Group call for evidence

What Scotland needs from an independent Scottish welfare system

The Scottish Government has set up an Expert Group to examine what a benefits system could look like in an indepedent Scotland.  The publication sets out what CAS believes are the core principles for a new social security system for Scotland.

A "yes" vote in the 2014 independence referendum would mean Scotland needed to develop its own benefits system. 

In our response, CAS argues for six core principles which must shape the development of Scottish social security, sets out the challenges advice services in Scotland are facing due to current welfare reforms, and identifies the top priorities for reform. 

We also argue that the term "welfare" is unhelpful and ignores the collective value of having a social security system where everyone has the ability to meet their basic living costs.

You can find out more about the Expert Group on Welfare and Constitutional Reform here.

Beth Reid
Publication date
March 2013
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