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Voices from the Frontline: online barriers to maintaining Universal Credit claims

Our series of briefings, 'Voices from the Frontline', demonstrates the impact of changes to the UK social security system on people in Scotland. This latest briefing considers the barriers to maintaining Universal Credit claims online.

Universal Credit (UC) claims must normally be made and maintained online. Alternative, offline options are only available in exceptional circumstances. Claim maintenance includes all activity required to fulfil the Claimant Commitment and avoid sanction. Since UC was introduced, CAB evidence has suggested that a significant minority of people do not have the internet access or digital skills required to make and maintain their claims online. Some may never be able to do so without substantial support.

This Voices from the Frontline outlines highlights some of the problems that Scottish CAB are seeing, the detriment that these can cause and makes recommendations for positive change.

Eilidh McIvor
Publication date
May 2019
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