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Scottish Campaign for Rights to Social Security: Holyrood Manifesto 2021

Manifesto by SCoRSS

The Scottish Campaign for Rights to Social Security (SCoRSS) believe it is time for a social security system that prevents poverty, treats people with dignity and respect and supports everyone to flourish.

However, access to and experience of social security are greatly affected by deeply ingrained inequalities that ensure that groups including women, disabled people, Black and minority ethnic people and others are even more affected by poverty, insecurity and exclusion.

The members of the Scottish Campaign on Rights to Social Security (SCoRSS) believe five fundamental principles underpin the real change required to achieve this vision.

We must work together to:

  • „  Increase social security payment rates to a level where no one is left in poverty and all have sufficient income to lead a dignified life;

  • „  Make respect for human rights and dignity the cornerstone of UK and Scottish social security;

  • „  Radically simplify social security to ensure it is easy to access and that barriers to entitlement are removed;

  • „  Invest in the support needed to enable everyone to participate fully in society; and

  • „  Make social security work for Scotland.

Our manifesto for 2021 sets out the actions required in the next Parliament to help achieve the principles for change. It focuses on key areas where changes should be made including: the adequacy of Scottish social security; the embedding of a human rights approach in the delivery of social security; the development of disability payments; support for independent advocacy and advice and making social security work better for Scotland.

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March 2021
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