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Response to Consultation on Free Bus Travel for Older and Disabled People and Modern Apprentices

The Scottish Government consulted on potential changes to the Concessionary Travel Scheme. Proposals included raising the age of eligibility for free bus travel for older people and expanding the Scheme to cover Modern Apprentices.

Key points:

  • Regardless of any decisions made concerning the Scheme Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) recognises the important role that buses play in many people’s lives and this should be held in mind in any considerations
  • Public transport can provide a lifeline, particularly for those living in rural communities
  • If it is decided that any changes in the age are to be introduced it is important that there is a sufficient lead in time

  • CAS would support the provision of free bus travel to Modern Apprentices
  • CAS is in favour of providing a companion card for disabled under 5's where this is needed
Ruth Mendel
Publication date
December 2017
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