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The Debt Arrangement Scheme - Improving Access

Consultation response considering how to improve access to the Debt Arrangement Scheme.

The Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) was introduced by the Debt Arrangement and Attachment (Scotland) Act 2002, and launched in November 2004. CAS has been involved in its development for almost 15 years, and are currently involved in its delivery. The money advice role is outlined in Appendix 1 attached. CAS were critical of the original scheme due to the absence of compulsory composition of debt (debt write off), and freezing of interest and charges.The scheme was amended on 30 June 2007. The changes allowed for the freezing of interest and charges as soon as a Debt Payment Programme (DPP) under DAS was put into place, but no provision was made in respect of compulsory composition of debt. While increasing access overall, these changes have not made a significant difference to CAB clients.

Susan McPhee
Publication date
December 2009
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