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Consumer Future's Unit Work Plan for 2017-18

The Consumer Futures Unit at Citizens Advice Scotland has published its work plan for 2017-18. 

The policies and practices adopted by business, regulators and government are more likely to be successful if they are shaped around the needs of the consumers they affect. The CFU offers consumer insights to evaluate the impact of current approaches and to help develop those of the future, benefiting consumers, business and government.

This year the CFU is undertaking fourteen projects, including work to:

  • Ensure that consumers’ real life experience is reflected in the Scottish Government’s new definition of fuel poverty, so it is an effective tool for targeting support at those in need.
  • Reduce parcel surcharging in rural and remote areas through partnership working with the industry.
  • In partnership with the Water Industry Commission for Scotland and Scottish Water, establish and support the new Customer Forum for Water to reach agreement with the company on price and service levels for the 2021-27 period.
  • Examine the potential to deliver a single, integrated registration scheme for consumers in vulnerable situations.
Publication date
June 2017
Publication type
Consumer Futures Unit