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Citizens Advice Scotland response to the Transport Scotland Bill

Citizen Advice Scotland responded to the Scottish Government Rural Economy and Connectivity's call for evidence - Transport (Scotland) Bill


Low Emission Zones

  • Support to access EVs should be aimed at low income households
  • Public transport options must be available for a variety of travel needs within LEZs so that those with different travel schedules or access requirements are not forced to use (and pay charges related to) higher emission vehicles.

Bus Services

  • Local transport authorities having more options available is positive, given the negative impact cuts and changes to bus routes can have.
  • We would like to see the Scottish Government go further in protecting access to and frequency of “lifeline” services, e.g. routes to GPs/Hospital.
  • Recognising the importance of meeting local community needs is positive, though rurality and SIMD should be included in considerations.
  • It is positive that service standards could include frequency and maximum fares and pricing.
  • However, service standards should also look at evening and weekend provision, and address the lack of direct services on some routes.
  • CAS is pleased to see more information will be provided to the public, allowing consumers to make informed choices.
  • It’s important that both bus users and non-users are consulted regularly
  • Enabling local transport authorities to work with others is a positive step, although this should include planning authorities.

Smart Ticketing

  • Pleased to see a multi-journey approach being taken.

Any other views?

  • Integration of transport is key.
Ruth Mendel
Publication date
September 2018
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