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Bankruptcy Law Reform Consultation

CAS response to the consultation on reforming Bankruptcy law in Scotland.

The Citizens Advice Service is a key component of the debt advice landscape in Scotland, providing access to debt solutions for thousands of clients every year. Bureau advisers provide the frontline advice that enables the debt relief system to work for debtors and creditors alike.

Any changes to bankruptcy law and the debt relief model will inevitably have a significant impact on the way in which advisers provide advice and on outcomes for clients. The changes proposed in the consultation document are considerable. Some are welcomed by debt advisers, but other changes have prompted concerns from advisers regarding their own role in the process and the outcomes for clients. Given the key role of debt advisers in the whole process, we feel that it is essential that adviser concerns are heard and addressed in the proposed changes.

Kieth Dryburgh
Publication date
May 2012
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