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  1. 5 Feb 2015

    Thousands of Scots face unfair working practices which leave them in desperate and miserable situations, according to new evidence from Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

  2. 23 Jul 2014

    Thousands of working Scots are on the edge of poverty, due to the mis-use of Zero Hours Contracts by rogue employers. That’s the finding of a new report published today (Wednesday) by Citizens Advice Scotland.

  3. 25 Jun 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed new plans to help workers on Zero Hours contracts, but have said they need much more protection from exploitation by bad employers.

  4. 30 Sep 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said the Chancellor’s latest plans for benefit claimants are putting further pressure on some of the most vulnerable people in Scotland.

  5. 27 Jun 2013

    Dundee Citizens Advice Bureau met with the Low Pay Commission on the 11th June 2013 to present evidence on low pay in the city.

  6. 17 Apr 2013

    Today the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee published their inquiry into underemployment, using lots of evidence presented to them by CAS Social Policy Officer Lauren Wood and Norma Philpott, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice and Rights Fife. The term underemployment refers to people working fewer hours than they want to, or taking on jobs which do not use all their skills, and the inquiry shows that young people and women are more adversely affected.

    The evidence CAS supplied to the Committee would not have been possible without the valuable contributions of social policy feedback from advisers. Thank you!

  7. 25 Feb 2013

    The Scottish Parliament's Welfare Reform Committee took evidence last week from people who had been through a Work Capability Assessment for ESA or who cared for someone who had been through the process.  The transcript of the evidence session is now up online.

  8. 23 Jan 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) and Citizens Advice and Rights Fife will today tell MSPs on the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee that underemployment is pushing Scots into poverty. The organisations will tell the committee that many CAB clients are desperate to work more hours and to better use their skills, but the shortage of full-time jobs is keeping them in underemployment.

  9. 7 Jan 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said too many working Scots are struggling in low-paid and unsatisfying jobs which don’t meet their financial needs and which have a negative impact on their health and relationships.

  10. 10 Dec 2012

    Bus companies across Scotland will give people on benefits who are looking for work free bus travel in January 2013, following campaigning by Scottish bureaux.

  11. 1 Aug 2012

    Perth CAB launched their campaign on young people and employment rights at a successful event in the bureau yesterday (31st July 2012), with an introduction from John Park, Labour MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife. Pete Wishart, MP for Perth and North Perthshire, was also there to add his support to the campaign.

  12. 27 Jul 2012

    Citizens Advice Scotland have today published a major new report showing how Scotland’s graduates have been hit by the recession.  ‘Degrees of Insecurity’ is based on a CAS survey of nearly 1,000 recent Scottish graduates, and reveals that many of them struggle with unemployment or low income jobs as they enter the job market.

  13. 15 May 2012

    New figures out today show a shocking rise in the numbers of people who are working fewer hours than they feel they need to.

  14. 10 Apr 2012

    Citizens Advice Scotland’s survey of recent graduates received over 500 responses between 8am and 4pm on its first day. And responses are still coming in thick and fast.

  15. 10 Apr 2012

    Citizens Advice Scotland will today (Tuesday 10 April) formally launch a major national survey of recent graduates who are struggling to find work.

  16. 15 Feb 2012

    Today’s unemployment figures are bleak news for Scotland, and have ‘hidden’ impacts which make them even worse than they at first appear - according to Citizens Advice Scotland.

  17. 6 Feb 2012

    Many Scots are being ‘exploited’ by employers who feel they can treat their employees unfairly because of the recession, according to evidence published today by Citizens Advice Scotland.

    The CAS report – Fair employment - details cases of unfair and illegal treatment brought to the Scottish CAB service by aggrieved workers. The issues include low pay, unfair dismissal and changes to terms and conditions.

    CAS are today calling for the establishment of a Fair Employment Commission in Scotland, to guard against these abuses and protect workers rights.

  18. 23 Nov 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have criticised the employment rights changes announced today by Vince Cable, calling them ‘a blow, and a step back in social progress’.

  19. 16 Nov 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have responded to the latest unemployment figures, saying that young Scots in particular are in ‘despair’ over the economic situation.

  20. 27 Sep 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have called for action to force employers to obey the minimum wage laws, as evidence emerges that many workers are being exploited by employers who break the law.



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