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  1. 13 Nov 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has called on the Smith Commission to continue its work beyond its current timetable, so it can come to more considered conclusions about the future shape of welfare policy in Scotland.

  2. 3 Oct 2014

    Thousands of sick and disabled Scots are being hit by another new benefit reform which is leaving many for months without money to pay for basics like food, fuel and housing – according to a new report by Citizens Advice Scotland.

  3. 5 Sep 2014

    CAS has responded to the independent review of Personal Independence Payment (PIP), the benefit to help sick and disabled people.

    The response, based on case evidence and a survey of advisers in bureaux across Scotland, highlights the severe impact huge delays in PIP assessments are having on claimants. 

  4. 5 Sep 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed news that MPs have backed a bill that aims to exclude certain vulnerable groups from the ‘Bedroom Tax’ . 

  5. 19 Aug 2014

    CAS has submitted evidence to the final independent review of the ESA Work Capability Assessment, carried out by Paul Litchfield.

  6. 11 Aug 2014

    Commenting on the Scottish Government announcement today that 26 projects have been awarded funding from the Scottish Government’s Emergency Food Fund, CAS Policy Manager Keith Dryburgh said,

  7. 22 Jul 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland have issued this statement in response to the publication of the Oakley Review of Jobcentre Sanctions, which has been published today. 

  8. 8 Jul 2014

    East Sutherland CAB recently held a successful coffee morning. Volunteer Support Officer Jim McCourt explains why: "For some time, East Sutherland CAB have had concerns about the new disability benefit – Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – and its impact on the local population. People seem confused about the changes from DLA, and reluctant to claim the new benefit. There have also been long delays in getting medical assessments, and in the decision-making processes. Numerous clients have had to wait six months or more before receiving their entitlement."

  9. 1 Jul 2014

    Thousands of sick, disabled and unemployed Scots are being left in poverty as their benefit payments are stopped - according to Citizens Advice Scotland. 

  10. 24 Jun 2014

    Bereaved Scots are finding it hard to pay the growing costs of burying their loves ones, according to new research published today by Citizens Advice Scotland. 

    The average cost of a simple funeral in Scotland today is £3,240 - an increase of 7% year on year since 2004. And this rise has occurred against a background of falling household incomes and a cut in the emergency assistance that people can claim for funerals, leaving some families unable to bury their deceased at all.

  11. 20 Jun 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has responded to reports that the UK government has admitted that the controversial Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) is ‘failing’.

  12. 16 Jun 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland have today published evidence showing the impact of new rules imposed on people who want to appeal against decisions made about their welfare benefits.

    The report – based on real case evidence of Scottish CAB clients – is published as Scottish MP Sheila Gilmore prepares to raise the issue for debate this evening at Westminster Hall.

  13. 4 Jun 2014

    The Scottish Government has today published the recommendations of its Expert Working Group on Welfare.

  14. 2 May 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the announcement that the UK Government has offered to transfer the power to set the cap on Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) to the Scottish Government.

  15. 29 Apr 2014

    A new Voices from the Frontline has been published on food parcels and the benefits system.

    Our series of briefings ‘Voices from the Frontline’ show the reality of the impact of current welfare changes on the people of Scotland. We highlight the experiences of the thousands of clients advised by CAB in Scotland and make recommendations for change.

  16. 29 Apr 2014

    New analysis by Citizens Advice Scotland has shone light onto the deeply uncomfortable reality lived by thousands of people in Scotland.  Between January and March this year, the issue of not having enough money to buy food was raised 1,311 times by clients.  That equates to one in every 50 Citizens Advice Bureau clients,

  17. 25 Apr 2014

    CAS has published a new report looking at bureaux clients' experiences of getting medical evidence from GPs to back up claims for sickness and disability benefit claims.

  18. 3 Apr 2014

    CAS gave evidence on sanctions to the Welfare Reform Committee at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday of this week.  This follows a visit by the Committee to Parkhead CAB last week, where committee members spoke to clients and advisers from bureaux across Glasgow who had been sanctioned.

  19. 28 Mar 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie’s statement that the Bedroom Tax should be ended in Scotland.

  20. 28 Mar 2014

    CAS has submitted evidence about the experiences of Scottish bureaux clients claiming Employment and Support Allowance and undergoing the Work Capability Assessment to the House of Commons Select Committee on Work and Pensions.


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