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Scottish Parliament inquiry - participation invited

The Participation and Communities Team at the Scottish Parliament is seeking input in relation to their their Citizen Participation and Public Petitions Committee inquiry.

For the first stage of this work, the team is particularly keen to hear from:   

  • Disabled people 
  • People from minority ethnic groups. 
  • People with experience of low income.

There are opportunities for both organisations and the communities you work with to take part.

To support this work you can can: 

Find below some text that you may wish to share with the communities you work with.

What can the Scottish Parliament do to involve more people in its work 

What would help you get your voice heard in the Scottish Parliament?  The Parliament’s Citizen Participation and Public Petitions Committee wants to hear your views. 

 The Scottish Parliament is there to represent everyone in Scotland, but we know that some people are currently more likely to become involved in its work than others. 

 The Parliament want to speak to groups across Scotland to understand what would make it easier for people to work with them.  They are keen to listen to your experiences and ideas – so that you can help shape the way the Parliament works in future. 

Do you have thoughts, ideas or suggestions that you think could make a difference? Would you like to take part in a conversation to tell the Parliament what it can do to help people get involved? The Parliament is running sessions during June to find out what people think. 

 You can get involved by completing a short 10 minute survey at: 

 Or you can register to attend drop in online engagement sessions on 18 and 23 June: Complete a registration form