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The Scottish CAB Service: the public verdict

CAS wants to make sure that the people that use their local CAB are happy with, and can trust the service they receive. One way that we do this is by making sure the service is up to scratch with regular membership scheme audits.

We also want to make sure that people who haven’t been to a CAB yet keep bureaux in mind, in case they need help one day.

So CAS conducts regular independent research to find out what current service-users and those who haven’t used a CAB yet think about bureaux.

Our most recent survey was conducted in 2009. In summary:

  • 98 per cent said they felt able to trust the confidential service and were satisfied with the way that they’d been treated by CAB Service staff overall
  • 97 per cent praised the Service for helping people to get fair treatment and agreed it offered advice and support across a range of issues
  • 95 per cent agreed that CAB staff are professional, competent and efficient
  • 92 per cent agreed that CAB Service information and advice is up-to-date and comprehensive
  • 86 per cent agreed that the Scottish CAB Service was the ‘leading advice agency in Scotland’
  • 62 per cent were also aware that the CAB Service ‘influences government and other large organisations’ through its behind-the-scenes social policy work.
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October 2010
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