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Community learning and development (CLD): independent review

CAS has responded to the Independent Review of Community Learning and Development, commissioned by the Scottish Government.

The key messages from this response are:

• The third sector plays a critical role in terms of supporting the personal development and learning of individuals and this should be visibly recognised and acknowledged in the forthcoming review.

• Third sector organisations can play a unique role in the design of learning and development systems and approaches that put wellbeing front and centre – because we understand the experiences of people who are vulnerable or remote from formal learning pathways.

• Any subsequent review of public funding models for community-based learning needs to increase the accessibility of resourcing to third sector organisations such as Citizens Advice Bureaux (CABs).

• Even at this early stage in the review, it is crucial to make connections between the outcomes of this Independent Review and planned legislation focussed on Community Wealth Building (CWB) and the Wellbeing Economy in Scotland.

Publication date
March 2024
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