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Energy Cap: people face a winter of worry

CAS has responded to the Energy Price Cap being set at £1,923 for direct debit customers and £1,949 for pre-payment consumers,

David Hilferty, CAS Director of Impact, said:

“Headlines around the price cap falling does not mean people are going to find it easier this winter, many people will face higher bills than last winter because support schemes have ended.

“Meanwhile other households have had their financial resilience wiped out by 18 months of higher bills, costs and stagnant incomes.

“These price increases haven’t happened in a vacuum. They have happened alongside higher costs for housing, fuel and the weekly shop and that has just ground people down.

“Demand for advice across the Citizens Advice network shows people are turning towards commercial credit to cover essential costs, and a significant crossover between people needing energy advice and help with debt or food insecurity.

“People who are worried about money and bills can seek advice, starting with which rounds up all your options to boost your income and cut your bills.”

The most recent CAB data, showing a crossover between debt and energy advice is here.