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Choice and Control Adult Disability Payment consultations

The introduction of the Adult Disability Payment means that the way that claims for extra costs disability support are evidenced has changed and the choice to request a consultation is available to clients. We have created some notes on consultations for advisers and a Social Security Scotland guidance document is available to download.

With the introduction of Adult Disability Payment (ADP) has come an entirely new approach to evidencing claims for extra costs disability support. This includes minimizing the use of assessments, which will only be undertaken where absolutely required and will be in the form of a conversation (a consultation) via a client's preferred communication channel and recorded on an "opt out" basis. Significantly, consultations should focus on those aspects of a client's condition where evidence may be lacking or difficult to obtain, while considering the claim holistically. The approach overall aims to be person-centered. It follows then that it is recognized that some clients will wish to proceed with a consultation. 

A client can request a consultation on their own initiative. This gives clients a choice when they feel that a consultation is in their interests, providing the most effective way of explaining their circumstances and evidencing their claim. A client may request a consultation when they first apply for Adult Disability Payment or during a re-determination. When a client requests a consultation at the application stage, a case manager will consider whether there are any good reasons, such as the safety of the client or others, why a consultation should not take place. In some instances the case manager will already have sufficient information to award the enhanced rate of both components of Adult Disability Payment so a consultation will not be necessary. In any event a case manager should discuss the request for a consultation with the client to ensure that they are aware of other ways of providing supporting information.

Further information is provided in the guidance below:- 

Consultations-for-Adult-Disability-Payment_2022-10-19-073729.pdf (