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  1. 19 Nov 2014

    Dear All,

    As part of our ongoing rural deliveries campaign, Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) is undertaking a second review of the practices of online retailers who deliver in Scotland. We are attempting to determine whether online retailers have improved their practices since the last review and the launch of the Statement of Principles for parcel deliveries.

  2. 18 Nov 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) is seeking tenders from all interested parties to undertake a review of the Customer Forum for Water. The Customer Forum was established in 2011 to give customers a say in the process of setting water charges in Scotland. The lifespan of the current Customer Forum is due to come to an end in early 2015, and CAS and our partners are committed to undertake a review of the Forum.

  3. 17 Nov 2014

    In an opinion piece which originally appeared in The Scotland on Sunday, CAS Chief Executive Margaret Lynch set out CAS's position on the timetable for the devolution of welfare:

    IT IS said that unreasonable haste is the direct road to error, and one can’t help but wonder if the timetable set for the Smith Commission is entirely sensible given the complexity of issues it has to consider and the avalanche of responses from civil society organisations around Scotland.

  4. 14 Nov 2014

    As Ofgem launches a formal investigation into Scottish Power’s customer service and complaint handling, Citizens Advice Scotland is highlighting figures showing complaints about the supplier doubling since the start of this year.

  5. 13 Nov 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has called on the Smith Commission to continue its work beyond its current timetable, so it can come to more considered conclusions about the future shape of welfare policy in Scotland.

  6. 12 Nov 2014

    On Tuesday 11th November, The Armed Services Advice Project was subject to a Members' Debate in The Scottish Parliament.

    The work of the project attracted praise from across the Chamber, and excerpts can be read below, and full video can be watched below.

  7. 11 Nov 2014

    CAB service wins over £3.5m for Scotland’s Armed Services community

  8. 11 Nov 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the news that the Financial Conduct Authority is to cap interest rates for payday lending. But CAS has also said that more needs to be done to protect consumers from excessive payday loan charges.

  9. 6 Nov 2014

    The challenges of island life for CAB clients are discussed in a new video made by Uist and Barra CABs and the CAS Community Action Team.

  10. 3 Nov 2014

    Today heralds the beginning of a new doorstep crime campaign, timed to mark the start of National Consumer Week 2014. Good Neighbours Stop Rogue Traders aims to encourage neighbours, family, friends and carers to look out for those most at risk in their communities.

  11. 29 Oct 2014

    Today sees the start of the publication of our 2013-14 statistics which again shows the service has dealt with one million issues overall and helped over 330,000 clients in Scotland.

  12. 28 Oct 2014

    The Citizens Advice Service in Scotland, which came into being at the outbreak of the Second World War, is being celebrated this week as the charity releases figures showing overall it dealt with more than one million issues for the second year in a row.  Since it was created three-quarters of a century ago, enquiries have changed significantly.  Bureaux have gone from helping people with evacuation and ration book queries to tackling problems with benefit issues, payday loans and rogue employers.  Nonetheless the service remains as valuable and important to communities as ever, and that is being recognised by top Holyrood politicians this week as they take to twitter to say thank you and #iamcitizen. 

  13. 20 Oct 2014

    Commenting on the news that Citizens Advice Bureaux and The Pensions Advisory Service are to provide pensions guidance from next April, Margaret Lynch, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Scotland, said:

  14. 16 Oct 2014

    Unscrupulous car parking operators, including those operating on behalf on major supermarkets and shopping centres, are in the sights of Citizens Advice Scotland. Their new ‘It’s Not Fine’ campaign aims to highlight bad practice and empower consumers to fight back.

  15. 6 Oct 2014

    Last year the Scottish CAB service recorded a 79% increase in the numbers of cases related to household fuel bills.

  16. 3 Oct 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has urged people to avoid using loans or credit cards when paying their fuel bills, and to instead get free financial advice from their local CAB.

  17. 3 Oct 2014

    Thousands of sick and disabled Scots are being hit by another new benefit reform which is leaving many for months without money to pay for basics like food, fuel and housing – according to a new report by Citizens Advice Scotland.

  18. 2 Oct 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the news that are to write off the debts of thousands of their customers – following meetings between the company and the financial regulator.

  19. 16 Sep 2014

    Musselburgh and District CAB have designed and launched a mobile phone app to help people keep track of their finances and avoid falling into debt.

  20. 11 Sep 2014

    People in Scotland are being warned today to beware cold-callers who are falsely claiming to be from the CAB in order to con people out of their money.


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