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The Financial Benefits of Advice

The financial benefits of advice provision - the example of the Citizens Advice Service in Scotland

The Fraser of Allander Institute, on behalf of Citizens Advice Scotland, has published a study on the economic benefits of the Citizens Advice Service in Scotland.

'The financial benefits of advice provision - the example of the Citizens Advice Service in Scotland' outlines that the Citizens Advice Service contribute a total benefit to the common good in Scotland of £166.2 million. This is a massive return on the investment of approximately £21 million which is currently spent running the Citizens Advice Service across Scotland. The contribution to the common good includes:

  • Client financial income of £63 million which leads to a further £27.4 million in wages and 1,246 jobs supported by this income
  • Savings to the taxpayer of £42.7 million - £14.5 million in health care costs, £12.9 million in Jobseeker's Allowance savings, and £15.3 million in homelessness prevention
  • Contribution to economic growth of £19.5 million as a result of clients not losing their job and remaining in productive employment
  • Employment and wages supported by Citizens Advice Scotland/Citizens Advice Bureaux as employers and purchasers of services and goods, which support a total of 1,092 jobs and £13.6 million in wages in Scotland

The £63 million we gain in client financial income goes directly into the pockets of the people across Scotland who we help. They then spend that money in their local communities on goods and services, benefiting the local and wider economy.

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November 2012
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