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Social policy - working for change, making a difference

Leaflet about volunteering as a social policy co-ordinator in a citizens advice bureau.

Volunteer to help with publicity and promotion

Citizens advice bureaux need to raise and maintain their profile in the community. Will you volunteer your help?

Volunteer to help out with IT

The CAB Service in Scotland is increasingly taking advantage of developments in IT. We are always looking for people who can use their skills to help us.

Volunteer as a fundraiser

Each Scottish citizens advice bureau is responsible for securing the money it needs to deliver a service to its community. Many bureaux could really benefit from some help with fundraising!

Fundraising - make a difference, feel the difference

Leaflet about becoming a fundraiser for a citizens advice bureau. 

Volunteer to do admin

Why bureaux need help with administration

Because each citizens advice bureau is an independent charity, bureaux need good admin support to keep running smoothly. Bureaux work with confidential client records that must be carefully managed so that clients get the right advice at the right time.

Volunteer as an adviser

All sorts of people volunteer as CAB advisers. Here are some of the things they have in common:

Volunteer adviser

Volunteer and make a difference. Give advice in your local CAB

Older volunteers - make a difference, feel the difference

Leaflet on how older volunteers can make a difference by volunteering with a citizens advice bureau. 

Students - make a difference, feel the difference

Leaflet on how students can get involved with volunteering at a citizens advice bureau.


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