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Jobseeker's Allowance sanctions

This briefing sheet looks at the sharp rise in sanctions and the unhelpful effects they have on the people affected, as well as recommendations for improving the system.

The Credit Crunch

Briefing which outlines the impact the credit crunch has had on Scottish CAB clients.

Employment and Support Allowance

Briefing which provides a summary of issues encounterd by clients applying for and/or claiming ESA.

Private rented accomodation

Briefing which examines the problems experienced by CAB clients living in private rented accommodation.

Continental Drift briefing sheet

Briefing sheet which outlines the key findings of the Continental Drift report on A8 migrant workers and their advice needs. 

Migrant workers

Briefing paper on the experiences of CAB clients who are migrant workers in Scotland.

Being Young Being Heard: young people and housing

This briefing from our series on the problems facing young people in Scotland looks at housing issues.

Debt Arrangement Scheme

A summary of the CAS research into the accessibility of the Debt Arrangement Scheme for CAB clients. 

Social housing

Briefing which considers the problems experienced by CAB clients living in social housing. 

Gas and electricity problems

Briefing which highlights problems CAB clients have with power companies.


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