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Local Income Tax response

CAS response to the Scottish Government consultation on a local income tax, highlighting serious problems with the current systems.

Consultation on the National Minimum Wage

A response to the Low Pay Commission

CAS Veteran Consultation Response

A consultation response from CAS regarding the Scottish Government veterans consultation.

Tax Credits Consultation Response

Consultation response which outlines some of the key tax credit issues that CAB clients and advisers have reported over the last year.

No One Written Off - Reforming Welfare to Reward Responsibility

Response to the DWP's Green Paper on welfare reform.

Irresponsible Lending - A Consultation Response to the OFT

Consultation response on Irresponsible Lending to the Office of Fair Trading

Personal Current Accounts

Consultation response focusing on the problems that bureau clients experience in operating their current accounts.

Briefing on UK Banks

Briefing sent to the Treasury Select Committee detailing the evidence of Scottish citizens advice bureaux regarding the actions and policies of UK banks.

Debt Arrangement Scheme Amendment Regulations 2009

Submission to the Justice Committee by CAS in regards to the Debt Arrangement Scheme (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2009.

OFT Consumer Credit Review

Consultation response which outlines the problems faced by bureaux clients in the consumer credit sector.


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