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On the Cards

Evidence report from 2004 about the debt crisis facing Scottish CAB debt clients

Out of Pocket

CAB evidence on the impact of fee-charging cash machines.

Paying the Price: the real cost of illness and disability for CAB clients

A report looking at the experiences of CAB clients who are claiming disability living allowance or incapacity benefit.

Rooting out the Rogues

Evidence report exploring why vulnerable workers and good employers need a ‘fair employment commission’.

Restricted Access - the Debt Arrangement Scheme

Research report which details the effect of changes to the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) on bureau clients.

Growing Old Together

Evidence report which looks at the impact of debt on older CAB clients.

Continental Drift

Evidence report looking at the advice and information needs of clients from A8 countries. A8 countries are Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The research findings are intended to help Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) better understand the interface between this new client group and the capacity and ability of bureaux to deal with their needs. The research will contribute to the evidence base on new migrants in Scotland and inform CAS’s policy recommendations.

Drowning in Debt evidence report

A report based on research amongst Scottish citizens advice bureau (CAB) debt clients in 2008.

Unfit for Purpose

A report on how problems with Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) are affecting CAB clients. Many people with serious health problems are being found fit for work.

Fully Charged

Research report which looks at the continuing effects of unfair and disproportionate overdraft charges on vulnerable and low income clients.

The recession has left Scots more exposed than ever to disproportionate and unfair overdraft charges from their banks. For our clients they are unfair – they are disproportionate to the level of infringement, they penalise low income customers for being poor, and trap many in a cycle of debt for an overdraft that can be as little as a penny.


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