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  1. Publication date:
    July 2010

    Information about  and how to order our public facing leaflets, booklets and poster providing information about advice on offer fromCitizens Advice Bureaux.

  2. Publication date:
    April 2010

    Volunteer and make a difference. Give advice in your local CAB

  3. Publication date:
    March 2010

    CAS financial statements for the year ended 31st March 2010.

  4. Publication date:
    January 2010
  5. A Scottish voice for issues on welfare reform
    Publication date:
    February 2009

    CAS is a key and lead member of the Scottish Campaign on Welfare Reform (SCoWR), which is a unique coalition which has been working together since 2006, campaigning for a better welfare benefits system.

  6. Publication date:
    December 2008

    What a year it’s been, for all of us. We’ve seen some big changes in Scottish Government, nationally and locally, and the emergence of the economic conditions that we now know as the Credit Crunch.

  7. Publication date:
    January 2008

    The impressive results from last year's MORI survey show that the Scottish public, and other organisations, trust the CAB service to deliver accurately the advice they need, and they respect the values that underpin our work. This gives us the confidence to address the challenges ahead, as outlined in this plan, secure in the knowledge that the service has a strong record in evolving successfully, while holding firm to our core values.

    The CAB service exists to meet the needs of our varied groups of clients, needs which are not only growing, but getting more complex. And we know that there is unmet need for advice, so improving access to the service is something we have to address.

  8. Publication date:
    December 2007

    This has, undeniably, been a very testing year for Citizens Advice Scotland. In 2006/07, CAS was subjected to a ‘zero-based review’ by the government against a background of an exceptionally tight public expenditure round. This review concluded that we offer good value for money.

    Nevertheless we have had to absorb a 10% cut in core funding in the current year and we are facing a standstill budget for the next 4 years. In real terms this represents a 23% cut in our core grant.

  9. Publication date:
    December 2006
  10. Publication date:
    April 2006

    Leaflet about how you can make a difference by volunteering with a citizens advice bureau

  11. Publication date:
    April 2006

    Leaflet on how students can get involved with volunteering at a citizens advice bureau.

  12. Publication date:
    April 2006

    Leaflet about becoming a fundraiser for a citizens advice bureau. 

  13. Publication date:
    December 2005

    2004/05 has been another very busy year for Citizens Advice Scotland and one in which I believe we have made further important steps in enhancing the wider CAB service in Scotland.

  14. Publication date:
    May 2005

    Leaflet on how older volunteers can make a difference by volunteering with a citizens advice bureau.