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  1. Publication date:
    May 2016

    CAS response to Scottish Government response to the Report of Working Group on Consumer and Competition Policy for Scotland.

  2. Claire Williams
    Publication date:
    November 2015

    This report highlights the positive impact that the advice service is making on members of the Armed Forces community in Scotland while also identifying areas of difficulty, including income, employment and housing.

  3. House of Commons Public Bill Committee
    Rob Gowans
    Publication date:
    October 2015

    Citizens Advice Scotland recommends that the Bill is amended to remove Sections 7 to 15 (Welfare benefits) and Sections 16 to 18 (Loans for mortgage interest). We are extremely concerned that the proposals would have a detrimental impact on CAB clients who have already been negatively affected by changes to the social security system in the last Parliament. These negative consequences include a rise in rent arrears; pressure on homeless services; and an increase in the number of people who are unable to make ends meet, who accrue priority debt or who require a referral to a food bank.

  4. A Citizens Advice Scotland guide to neighbour problems
    Publication date:
    September 2015
  5. Publication date:
    June 2015

    This Briefing was sent to Scottish MPs ahead of the debate on Clause 33 of the Scotland Bill which deals with the devolution of tribunals including the Employment Tribunal and Welfare tribunals.

  6. The example of the Citizens Advice Service in Scotland
    The Fraser of Allander Institute
    Publication date:
    November 2014

    A new report from the respected Fraser of Allander Institute highlights that Citizens Advice Bureaux across Scotland contributed a total benefit to the common good in Scotland of £168.7 million in the financial year 2013/14

  7. Citizens Advice Scotland
    Publication date:
    October 2014

    Fairness, Equality, Responsiveness: Citizens Advice Scotland’s Submission to The Smith Commission was submitted in October 2014.

  8. The Newsletter of Citizens Advice Scotland
    Tony Hutson and Greg Black
    Publication date:
    August 2014

    The summer 2014 Newsletter of Citizens Advice Scotland looks at the transfer of Consumer Futures, the Armed Services Advice Project and the #ChallengeIt campaign, amongst many other things.

  9. Publication date:
    July 2014

    The UK Statement of principles is designed to assist retailers in their policies on the delivery of goods purchased over the internet by individual consumers. It sets out best practice principles as to how retailers can ensure their delivery services meet the needs of their customers. 

  10. JC
    Publication date:
    February 2013

    A short briefing on the work of the citizens advice service in Scotland.

  11. Publication date:
    August 2012

    A leaflet explainig the role of a volunteer CAB adviser.

  12. Publication date:
    May 2012

    Leaflet with information about CAB volunteering aimed at older people who are looking for a fresh challenge.  

  13. Publication date:
    May 2012

    Leaflet with information about CAB volunteering aimed at young people who are looking to gain new skills to help with work, study and the rest of life too!

  14. Publication date:
    April 2006

    Leaflet about volunteering as a social policy co-ordinator in a citizens advice bureau.

  15. A guide to your citizens advice bureau
    Publication date:
    November 2005