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  1. Ruth Mendel
    Publication date:
    August 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland provided evidence to HM Treasury's pre-paid funeral plans: call for evidence. We focused on the importance of ensuring consumers were both fully informed and protected from harm.

  2. Ruth Mendel
    Publication date:
    June 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland welcomed the opportunity to respond to this consultation concerning competition and transparency in the provision of funerals and crematoria market power. 

  3. Ruth Mendel
    Publication date:
    August 2017

    Response to the Department for Work and Pensions Consultation on proposed reforms to the Funeral Expenses Payments scheme.

  4. Burial and cremation charges in Scotland 2016
    Fraser Sutherland
    Publication date:
    September 2016

    The basic cost of burial fees in Scotland (i.e. not including undertakers fees) is on average £1,363 in 2016. That’s a 7% increase since 2015.

  5. Social Security Advisory Committee consultation
    Rob Gowans
    Publication date:
    February 2016

    Citizens Advice Scotland responded to a consultation on the UK Government's proposed changes to the length of time a person can be absent from Great Britain without losing entitlement to Housing Benefit and Pension Credit.

  6. A review for Scottish Government
    John Birrell & Fraser Sutherland
    Publication date:
    February 2016

    This report gives wide reaching recommendations on how to tackle funeral poverty in Scotland.

  7. Burial and cremation charges in Scotland 2015
    Fraser Sutherland
    Publication date:
    June 2015

    Costs for burials and cremations have increased in Scotland in 2015 while more people seek advice from their local CAB than ever before about paying for funerals.

  8. Fraser Sutherland
    Publication date:
    May 2014

    The number of Scots falling victim to financial rip-offs is increasing dramatically. A special helpline set up by CAS to deal solely with consumer issues saw a 14% increase last year in calls about scams.

  9. Publication date:
    May 2012

    Leaflet with information about CAB volunteering aimed at older people who are looking for a fresh challenge.  

  10. Publication date:
    October 2010

    Briefing sheet to accompany the Relative Value report on kinship carers in Scotland

  11. The experiences of kinship carers using the Scottish CAB Service.
    Keith Dryburgh
    Publication date:
    October 2010

    All across Scotland, thousands of people care for children, because their natural parents are unable to do so. These are often grandparents, aunts and uncles but can also be family friends. People who look after children in these kinds of circumstances are often known as 'kinship carers'.

    This research is looks at the experiences of a sample of 368 kinship carers who called the Kinship Care Helpline or visited a bureau for advice between January and December 2009.

  12. Publication date:
    November 2009

    Drowning in Debt briefing sheet which focuses on older people and debt.

  13. Publication date:
    October 2008

    Briefing which outlines the key findings from the Growing Old Together research report about older CAB clients and debt.

  14. Keith Dryburgh
    Publication date:
    October 2008

    Evidence report which looks at the impact of debt on older CAB clients.

  15. Publication date:
    May 2005

    Leaflet on how older volunteers can make a difference by volunteering with a citizens advice bureau.