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  1. CAS, Money Advice Scotland and StepChange joint briefing
    Mike Holmyard and Rob Gowans
    Publication date:
    November 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland, Money Advice Scotland and StepChange believe that the prescriptive period for Council Tax arrears and reserved social security benefits and tax credit debt should be reduced from 20 years to five years. We support amendments which would remove the exemptions in the Bill for these debts.

  2. Information leaflet
    Gail Walker
    Publication date:
    October 2017

    The Consumer Futures Unit at Citizens Advice Scotland has developed a leaflet for those in receipt of benefits that clarifies what they are due to pay for water and sewerage charges, and includes any exemptions, discounts and reductions they may be due.

  3. Robert McGeachy
    Publication date:
    January 2015

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) is seeking tenders from all interested parties to undertake research into consumers’ experience of water and sewerage debt.

  4. Collection Periods
    Keith Dryburgh
    Publication date:
    April 2010

    A briefing for politicians on the effects of community charge and council tax collection periods on CAB clients.

  5. Publication date:
    July 2005