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Postal Services for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Scotland

CAS briefing on polling conducted with SMEs on postal services

This briefing summarises the key findings of research conducted by YouGov in November 2021. The polling reflects the experiences of 500 senior decision makers in small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in Scotland.

CAS is making recommendations for improvements to the postal market to benefit consumers and SMEs. We believe there is merit in exploring concessionary rates for some postal services, such as redirections, that would benefit Scotland’s small independent and microbusinesses. Additionally, CAS recommends that flat rate delivery fees remain a feature of the USO so that rural and remote communities are not forced to pay more for deliveries due to their location. We also recommend that parcel operators improve their complaints processes so that customers are empowered to make and resolve complaints through simple and accessible channels.

Madeleine Kennedy
Publication date
March 2022
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