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Measuring Outcomes from Citizens Advice

Explaining, measuring and evidencing the difference our advice makes.

Measuring the Outcomes from Citizens Advice (MOCA) is a partnership programme between Parkhead and other Citizens Advice Bureaux (CAB) and Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS). This programme was funded by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) Development Committee.

This pack is for people working in bureaux who want to get better at explaining, measuring and proving the outcomes they achieve from advice work.

It will be of interest to staff, volunteers and board members.

In this pack we showcase the work of a learning set of workers from six bureaux. The group met six times over the course of a year and developed:

  • A model that explains the activities and broad outcomes that come from advice work locally.
  • Advice specific models.
  • A review of the data that is currently being collected by bureaux – the challenges and gaps.
  • Suggestions for how different types of outcome might be evaluated and reported on, using existing data or using some simple methods.

The pack is available to download as a pdf.

Publication date
October 2015
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