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'Finding the right solution

Supporting individuals and communities using private water supplies to make informed treatment choices'

Scotland is one of the first nations to sign up to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDG 6.1 specifically targets “universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all”. Scotland has a significant challenge in achieving this goal by 2030 for more than 190,000 people who are not served by the public supply.

Management of private water supplies can reasonably be viewed as haphazard at best. It is largely determined by differing attitudes, perceptions and assumptions. Makeshift and remedial treatment may fail to reach the quality standards required to protect health and required by law. A lack of clear understanding of actual water quality variability throughout the year makes choosing a treatment system to address specific raw water issues very difficult.

Citizens Advice Scotland commissioned research to better understand the factors that influence consumer choices on installing and maintaining water treatment systems. This report analyses research findings and makes a series of recommendations to inform policy development on private water supplies.

Citizens Advice Scotland
Publication date
April 2020
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