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Facing Fuel Poverty

Research on face-to-face actions to help consumers in fuel poverty in Scotland

Facing Fuel Poverty explores what projects and services delivering face-to-face fuel poverty advice exist in Scotland and examines the benefits and costs of delivering such services.

Based on research carried out by Changeworks on behalf of the CFU, we note that tailored fuel poverty advice, delivered in the home, is reported as a necessary service for certain consumers, but that improved monitoring and evaluation of projects is needed. 

Key Findings

  • There are estimated to be 158 projects delivering in-home face-to-face fuel poverty advice in Scotland.
  • The research reported that face-to-face fuel poverty advice was of particular benefit for some consumers who are hard of hearing, unable to leave their home, vulnerable, experiencing mental health problems or who don’t have English as a first language. 
  • Organisations report securing funding as one of the key challenges to delivering face-to-face advice.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects is not carried out consistently by delivery organisations across Scotland. 

The report recommends that:

Consideration should be given by the Scottish Government:

  • To continue to invest, and look to invest further, in face-to-face fuel poverty advice services as a necessary service to support certain vulnerable households.

Recommendations for organisations that fund fuel poverty advice projects are:

  • Require projects to carry out a minimum level of evaluation.
  • Look to award multi-year funding to increase the efficiency of projects and services.

 It is recommended that organisations delivering fuel poverty advice:

  • Start thinking about monitoring and evaluation of projects before delivery commences and create a suitable monitoring plan.
  • Share best practice with other delivery organisations. 
Jamie Stewart
Publication date
June 2017
Publication type
Consumer Futures Unit