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Consumer Snapshot - June 2013

Advice trends in Scotland

This report examines trends in the kinds of issues that consumers in Scotland approached the Citizens Advice Service for advice on in 2012/13. 

The Citizens Advice Service helped consumers in Scotland with 206,727 consumer issues in 2012/13 - that’s 826 consumer issues for every working day. Almost 150,000 consumer issues were dealt with by Citizens Advice Bureaux, with another 57,000 handled by the Citizens Advice consumer service

The top ten issues for consumers in Scotland were;

  1. Unsecured loans 
  2. Energy 
  3. Credit/debit/store/charge cards 
  4. Private tenancies + letting agents 
  5. General goods + services  
  6. Bank accounts 
  7. Building repairs + improvements 
  8. New + second hand cars 
  9. Electrical appliances + repairs 
  10. Furnishings and floor coverings 

Consumers are much more likely to approach their local CAB for advice on debt, housing and energy issues than they are to contact the Citizens Advice consumer service. Conversely, for issues around buying and servicing cars, furniture and building repairs consumers are much more likely to contact the Citizens Advice consumer service. Consumers in Scotland are 156% more likely than people in the rest of Great Britain to call the Citizens Advice consumer service about a problem with leather furniture and 115% more likely to ask for advice on a holiday club.

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June 2013
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