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Citizens Advice Scotland Strategic Plan 2013 - 2017

Our Strategic Plan for 2013 – 17 sets out what drives our work and what we aim to achieve.

Who we are

Citizens Advice Scotland, our 61 member bureaux and our consumer helpline together form Scotland’s largest independent advice network. We help more than 300,000 people solve their problems each year in communities everywhere from city centres to the Highlands and Islands. Citizens Advice Scotland supports Scottish Citizens Advice Bureaux and looks at the problems people bring to our advice services to campaign for change where it’s needed most.

What drives our work

Our vision – the world we want to see

A fairer Scotland where people are empowered and their rights respected.

Our mission – what we’re here for

To be a voice for citizens and consumers and represent their interests to Government. To support Citizens Advice Bureaux.

Our values – what guides us

Integrity: We’ll campaign on the issues people bring to our door in a way that benefits everyone. We’ll bring integrity, openness and accountability to our work.

Trust: We’ll earn the trust of the bureau network, the public, decision-makers and the media.

Good stewardship: We’ll make good use of our money and resources, and answer to the Board and the people and organisations we serve.

Servant leadership: We’ll share power with others and put supporting and developing people first.

Quality: We’ll constantly monitor and improve everything we do.

Service: We’ll serve clients of the Citizens Advice Service in everything we do.

What we aim to do

1. Support the Scottish Citizens Advice Service
We’ll provide advice, expertise, IT resources and help with securing funding so that citizens advice bureaux can support everyone who needs help, in the way they need it.

2. Reduce the harmful impact of welfare reform
We’ll work with the bureau network to monitor and raise awareness of the harmful impacts of welfare reform and boost Scotland’s capacity to shield vulnerable clients from them.

3. Be a strong voice for consumers
We’ll represent, advise and empower consumers in Scotland, campaigning on the issues that matter to them and ensuring their voice is heard at UK and EU level. We’ll focus in particular on tackling fuel poverty and representing people who use the civil justice system.

4. Prioritise action on behalf of the most vulnerable in our society
We’ll work with the bureau network and other organisations to ensure the poorest, most vulnerable and socially-excluded members of our society are heard and supported. We’ll focus in particular on ensuring they’re not left behind by the move to digital services.

5. Develop leadership at all levels of Citizens Advice Scotland and the Scottish Citizens Advice Service
We’ll encourage the development of a culture of respecting, valuing and supporting one another and leadership that embeds our values. We’ll communicate effectively with employees and the bureau network, and deepen the engagement of bureaux in the running of our business. 

Publication date
September 2013
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