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Citizens Advice Scotland response to Labour Market Enforcement Strategy 2023 to 2024 call for evidence

Employment advice accounted for 4% of all advice given by the Citizens Advice network in Scotland in 2021-22. Yet while our advisers are able to offer people information about their rights at work, many struggle to enforce these rights in practice.

CAS is calling for:

  • A three-pronged approach to ensuring fair work in low-paid sectors, covering:
    • A preventative strand focused on awareness-raising for individuals and employers, working with schools and job centres to ensure those entering the workforce are fully informed of their rights and entitlements, and with enterprise bodies to ensure new employers understand their responsibilities.
    • An easy process, anonymised if necessary, where employees, employers, and witnesses can report concerns that result in swift investigative action.
    • A strong approach to enforcement when non-compliance is found, with responses guided by the severity and impact of the non-compliance.
  • Adequate funding for employment support and wider advice services. › A holistic view towards supporting fair work, in particular by providing a strong social security system and other policies to tackle the rising cost of living, in order to give people the security to challenge poor working practices without facing poverty.
  • A prioritisation of the Employment Bill and the introduction of a single enforcement body, adequately funded in order to effectively protect worker’s rights.
David Scott
Publication date
May 2022
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