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CAS Submission to the Public Audit Committee: Accountability, audit and the further devolution of powers

Oversight of DWP activities in Scotland and Draft Clauses on welfare

This submission is based on CAS’ arguably unique insight into benefits administration in Scotland. In 2013/14, Scottish Citizens Advice Bureaux (CAB) dealt with over 324,000 benefits and tax credits issues – 36.6% of all CAB advice. In the nine months of April to December 2014, we dealt with a total of 248,000 issues – accounting for 37.2% of all CAB advice. CAB are the leading providers of advice in this area and we provide our service in 30 out of 32 local authority areas reaching 94% of the population.

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) welcomed the Smith Commission and much of the Command Paper, and look forward to working with all those involved in the transfer and transition of powers to the Scottish Parliament. We have called for this to be carried out in the best interests of the people of Scotland. Our submission to the Smith Commission focused on three principles – fairness, responsiveness and equality.

Rob Gowans
Publication date
April 2015
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