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CAS submission to Infrastructure Commission for Scotland

CAS responds to new Commission's call for evidence

The Scottish Government has established the Infrastructure Commission for Scotland to provide independent, informed advice on the creation of a 30-year infrastructure strategy to meet the country’s future economic growth and societal needs. To support this, the Commission issued a call for evidence

In our response we touch on many of the sectors defined by the Commission - water, energy, post, housing, telecoms, digital and internet. Given our remit to cover a number of different sectors we also provide a summary of cross cutting themes we think are important for future infrastructure development.

Our response to the specific questions focus around a number of key areas:


  • Affordable heat as an infrastructure priority
  • The need for inclusive development of energy network infrastructure


  • The role of Scottish Water in a low carbon economy
  • The need to balance investment with water charges


  • Investment in existing and new good quality affordable homes as a priority

Telecoms, digital and internet

  • The need for digital access for inclusive economic growth – with appropriate provision for those who may never be online
  • The need for a holistic investment approach to digital infrastructure


Jamie Stewart
Publication date
May 2019
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