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CAS response to HM Treasury's pre-paid funeral plans: call for evidence

Citizens Advice Scotland provided evidence to HM Treasury's pre-paid funeral plans: call for evidence. We focused on the importance of ensuring consumers were both fully informed and protected from harm.

Key points made included:

  • Information provided to consumers should be available, accurate and useful 
  • In some cases funeral plans are mis-sold and there are some concerns about the behaviour of some sales staff. For example, cold calling is present within the funeral plan sector and we have particular concerns as, at times, this practice appears to target older people, some of whom may be more vulnerable.
  • Consumers could face detriment if they believe that all costs of their funeral will be covered and subsequently their loved one has to unexpectedly find money to cover the difference, at an already difficult time
  • What was offered and the level of service provided in funeral plans varied between companies
  • CAS hopes the proposed changes will ensure consistency in order that all consumers who purchase a funeral plan would be protected to the same degree
Ruth Mendel
Publication date
August 2018
Publication type