How we can help you

Do you want to raise concerns about your NHS treatment? Do you have comments or feedback that could benefit others with their NHS treatment? We can help you do exactly that. 


The Patient Advice and Support Service can: 

  • Help you to give feedback or comments, raise concerns, or make complaints about the treatment you have received from the NHS. 
  • Support you if you are going to a meeting. 
  • Help you write letters and make phone calls. 
  • Help you access your medical and clinical records. 
  • Help you access the treatment, care and support you need. 


"94% of people fully resolved their issues with the NHS with help from PASS."


What are you looking for from the NHS? 

  • An explanation about what happened? 
  • A review of procedures or policy? 
  • An apology?
  • An improvement on the services provided? 
  • A meeting to discuss your feedback, concern or complaint?
  • Changes to be made so this won't happen to anyone else? 


It is your right to receive support and advice. We can help you look at your options. 

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