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  1. 24 Mar 2014

    Last year, Citizens Advice Scotland’s services helped people solve hundreds of thousands of consumer problems. But even we were surprised to learn that one of those issues was a broken bull.

  2. 3 Mar 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed Fergus Ewing’s statement today encouraging major retailers not to charge excessive delivery fees to rural areas. 

    The minister’s comments come as CAS announces that exactly 200 Scottish businesses have already responded to their special survey on the issue, just a week after it was launched.

  3. 26 Feb 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has backed the energy regulator OFGEM’s demand that the ‘big six’ energy companies trade fairly with small energy suppliers. 

  4. 24 Feb 2014

    Businesses in Scotland are being hit hard by the 'postcode penalty' of high delivery charges – with a new project to assess the scale of the problem announced today by Citizens Advice Scotland. 

    Over the last three years CAS have been highlighting the impact of this problem on individual consumers. But it also hurts the business community. So today we are launching a special online survey that is just for businesses in Scotland, allowing them to have their say so we can assess the extent of the problem.

  5. 10 Feb 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland have welcomed news that that more people are complaining about poor customer services. e.g. in areas like energy, retail, internet and transport. 

    The British Ombudsman Service has published figures today (Monday 10th February) showing that 38million consumers across Britain last year made a complaint about a service or product. This amounts to a complaint every 1.2 seconds.

  6. 4 Feb 2014

    Activities across Scotland last week marked Big Energy Saving Week (BESW). 

  7. 4 Feb 2014

    A move to ensure post offices play their part in ensuring the most vulnerable people in society aren’t left high and dry by Universal Credit is being backed by Citizens Advice Scotland Chief Executive Margaret Lynch.

  8. 23 Jan 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland has criticised the decision by SSE to increase pay-outs to its shareholders, just weeks after increasing fuel bills for customers.

  9. 23 Jan 2014

    From Thursday 23 January, consumers and small businesses taking out new landline, broadband or mobile contracts should be allowed to exit the contract without penalty if their provider increases the monthly subscription price agreed at the point of sale.

  10. 20 Jan 2014

    Consumer Futures, the organisation which speaks up for people across post, energy and water, is transferring to the Citizens Advice service in April 2014 - and is seeking your views on its priorities for the coming year.

  11. 15 Jan 2014

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said that payday loans can wreck peoples lives, and have warned Scots not to use them but to seek fairer credit options instead. 

    The call comes as new figures from Shelter show that many people use payday loans to pay their rent and mortgage costs.


  12. 2 Jan 2014

    People looking to get fit, lose weight, meet someone special or take up a new hobby in 2014 should look out for scams and rip-offs, say Citizens Advice Scotland.

    The charity says the first few weeks of the year tend to bring an increase in cases of people who have been scammed over their New Years Resolutions.  Last January/February for example the CAB network saw more than double the usual number of people reporting problems with slimming services, and a 25% hike in complaints about health clubs and gyms.

  13. 19 Dec 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland has today written to all the main party leaders in Scotland, urging them to agree to a new policy of providing all Scottish S1 school pupils with a £10 credit union account.

  14. 12 Dec 2013

    CAS staff were at the Scottish Parliament this morning to launch our new Christmas poster campaign on payday loans. We were joined by MSPs from all over Scotland – and by a very special guest all the way from Lapland.

  15. 12 Dec 2013

    A very special visitor was at the Scottish Parliament Thursday 12th December, as MSPs prepare to debate the dangers of payday loans. 

    Santa Claus himself joined Citizens Advice Scotland staff outside the front of the Parliament at 10.30am to help them launch their new poster campaign. The posters, which will be displayed from today at every CAB in Scotland, are designed to spread the message that payday loans can land people in crisis debt, and that other forms of credit are available. 

  16. 11 Dec 2013

    This week we will be distributing Christmas-themed posters and postcards on issue of payday loans to the Scottish CAB network to put up in offices and hand out to clients.

  17. 29 Nov 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the latest moves to bring fair delivery charges to people in rural areas, calling it a classic ‘peoples campaign’. 

  18. 27 Nov 2013

    New figures from the Money Advice Service show that 9m people in the UK are struggling with serious debts, but only 1.5m have sought help from advice agencies.

  19. 21 Nov 2013

    Many payday lenders in Scotland are breaking the promises they made last year to clean up their act – according to new research published Thursday 21st November by Citizens Advice Scotland. 

    One year ago this week, the main payday lenders published a voluntary Code of Conduct in which they acknowledged some wrongdoing in the industry, and set out a number of cast-iron guarantees to improve their operations so they offered fair and responsible lending in future. CAS has been asking payday loan clients all year to report their experiences, and in our report card today we can show that lenders have in fact broken most of the pledges in their own code.

  20. 14 Nov 2013

    The charity StepChange has revealed figures today (Thursday 14th November) showing that Scotland ‘leads the UK’ in the numbers of people in debt to payday lenders. 



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