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  1. 18 Jun 2019

    Figures released today by Citizens Advice Scotland show that there is a wide disparity in the sense of shame people feel about falling for a scam, depending on how old they are.

  2. 17 Jun 2019

    CAS has responded to today's report by the Royal Society of Edinburgh about the future of the energy sector in Scotland.

  3. 11 Jun 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the news that the Scottish government is to provide new help for people who use private water supplies.

  4. 10 Jun 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland is today launching a Scams Awareness campaign with new figures showing the scale of scams in Scotland.

  5. 7 Jun 2019

    The Financial Conduct Authority has today announced new rules to limit the costs of bank overdrafts.

  6. 3 Jun 2019

    Responding to the UK government’s announcement of a new consumer champion for mobile and broadband customers, Citizens Advice Scotland’s Chief Executive Derek Mitchell said,

  7. 3 Jun 2019

    One tenth of Scots who are in work have had to miss paying gas or electricity bills at least once in the last year because they have run out of money, according to new statistics calculated and published by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

  8. 28 May 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the new voluntary code which protects consumers from fraud, but has said that more needs to be done.

  9. 11 Apr 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland has responded to news that several Scottish Councils are making a significant profit from the provision of burial and cremation services.

  10. 11 Apr 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed OFGEM’s announcement today that companies will have to pass new and tougher tests before entering the energy market.  

  11. 29 Mar 2019

    Today Citizens Advice Scotland is publishing our new report, Making it Easy: Simpler Registration for Consumers in Vulnerable Situations.

  12. 5 Mar 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the news that the FCA is to introduce a cap on rent-to-own products.

  13. 23 Jan 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has urged people in debt to seek help, following the publications of today’s Scottish Insolvency figures.

  14. 21 Jan 2019

    East Renfrewshire has been revealed as the local authority area in Scotland where people are most likely to switch energy supplier, according to new research.

  15. 17 Dec 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed a new regulation which makes company directors personally liable if their company breaks the law on nuisance calls.

  16. 20 Nov 2018

    Many households in Scotland are dealing with huge debts after signing up to a government-backed energy scheme only to be scammed by a rogue company.

  17. Citizens Advice Scotland is taking part in National Consumer Week this year with our partner, Trading Standards Scotland. Launching on Cyber Monday (26th November), the theme of this year’s campaign will be online marketplaces.

  18. 3 Sep 2018

    by Emma Grant McColm, CAS Energy spokesperson

    (This article first appeared in the Sunday Herald on 19 August 2018)

  19. 3 Sep 2018

    by Derek Mitchell, CAS Chief Executive

    (This article first appeared in the Sunday Herald on 26 August 2018)

  20. 13 Aug 2018

    by Jamie Stewart, Energy policy officer at Citizens Advice Scotland

    (This column first appeared in the Sunday Herald on 12 August 2018).



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