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  1. 14 Feb 2013

    The Scottish Human Rights Commission is hosting an online discussion and participation event to encourage participation in forming Scotland’s first national Action Plan for Human Rights. Everyone with an interest in human rights protection and promotion in Scotland from health to housing, rights of disabled people and access to justice can take part, asking questions and sharing information that will help to form the National Action Plan.  

  2. 24 Jan 2013

    The UK government’s welfare cuts and changes are pushing thousands of Scots into financial crisis, and the situation is set to get steadily worse - according to a new report by Citizens Advice Scotland.
    CAS has today published an evidence report showing the effects that welfare changes are having on CAB clients – including sick and disabled people, pensioners, young Scots and families on low incomes – and the strains this extra workload is putting on the CAB service.

  3. 21 Jan 2013

    Commenting on Joseph Rowntree Foundation report Monitoring poverty and social exclusion in Scotland 2013 Citizens Advice Scotland Chief Executive Margaret Lynch said:

    "This report bears out exactly what CAB see day in and day out. More people unemployed, underemployed or in low-income households who need advice on debt and benefits as they find it increasingly difficult to get though the month and manage to pay the bills and put food on the table. At a time of rising costs it is becoming harder and harder for people to cope and so CAB are increasingly seeing more people in crisis.

  4. 21 Jan 2013

    Citizens Advice Scotland has today welcomed news of £5.4million of Scottish Government funding for advice services to mitigate the impact of welfare changes. The Scottish CAB Service will benefit from a share of the new funding, allowing more training and hours of service in CABs across the country.

  5. 21 Jan 2013

    The Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Scotland has today strongly urged MPs to vote against the UK Government’s Welfare Benefit Up-rating Bill which will go through its final stages today.

  6. 17 Jan 2013

    Evidence from bureaux shows that welfare changes are driving an increased demand for benefits advice across the country, with a knock-on effect on the ability of bureaux to be able to help their clients. As the welfare reform agenda gathers pace in 2013, we expect demand for benefit advice to increase further

  7. 9 Jan 2013

    The Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Scotland has said she is disappointed and disheartened following the passing of the second reading of the UK Government’s Welfare Benefits Up-rating Bill today. The bill will impose a three-year cap of 1% on most working-age benefits and tax credits for three years from 2013/14.

  8. 10 Dec 2012

    Citizens Advice Scotland have welcomed the news that some unemployed benefit claimants are to get free bus travel – something CAS has long been calling for. But we also say the scheme should be made permanent, and extended to include all unemployed people, not just some.

  9. 10 Dec 2012

    Bus companies across Scotland will give people on benefits who are looking for work free bus travel in January 2013, following campaigning by Scottish bureaux.

  10. 10 Dec 2012

    CAS CEO Margaret Lynch has joined 45 other organisations in a letter to the Observer newspaper (9 December) on the impact of the government's autumn budget statement.

    Following on from the letter to the Independent, before the autumn statement, this letter again brings together representatives of charities, churches, trade unions as well as NGOs specifically on the issue of capping benefits.

  11. 5 Dec 2012

    The following announcements were made in the Chancellor’s autumn statement today.

  12. 5 Dec 2012

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said the Chancellor’s autumn statement will push more households into poverty, and that the Chancellor’s ‘divisive’ language adds insult to injury for those who are losing out.

  13. 3 Dec 2012

    CAS has joined more than fifty other organisations, academics, and campaigners urging Chancellor George Osborne not to push people into poverty by reducing benefits paid to the poorest. In an open letter to the Chancellor printed in The Independent on Monday (3 December 2012), Mr Osborne, who will outline spending plans in his autumn statement on Wednesday, the organisations warn that penalising the poor at a time when food and utility prices are rising would be "a tragedy for millions and a travesty for the economy".

  14. 24 Oct 2012

    CAS have welcomed the Scottish Government's injection of cash to the Social Fund - which is the vital 'last resort' service for people who need emergency money to cover costs such as food and housing.

  15. 17 Oct 2012

    Thousands of unemployed Scots are suffering extreme hardship due to a harsh new clampdown on Jobseekers, according to a new report by Citizens Advice Scotland.

  16. 17 Oct 2012

    As welfare changes begin to affect people across the country, Citizens Advice Scotland is producing briefings outlining their impact on people across Scotland in our Voices from the Frontline series.This briefing looks at the increasing number of sanctions that have been applied to jobseekers in the past two years and the effects that they have had on claimants.

  17. 12 Oct 2012

    Unemployed and disabled people in rural areas are suffering more than most from the huge cuts being made to the benefits system, according to Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

  18. 10 Oct 2012

    Citizens Advice Scotland are to seek clarity on the system for assessing whether disabled Scots are to be entitled to receive the new Personal Independence Payment (the benefit which will replace Disabled Living Allowance).

  19. 3 Oct 2012

    You can now find out more about the Citizens Advice Scotland Kinship Care Service through our Facebook page.

  20. 4 Sep 2012

    Thousands of people in Scotland are being forced to rely on charities for food handouts, according to new evidence from Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

    The report published today (Tuesday) shows that the numbers of Scottish CAB clients who have made a charitable application has doubled over the last 2 years to 2,200.


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